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Why Evaluate?

How evaluation benefits:

Nonprofit Health Organizations
Evaluation is considered a critical investment in one’s own organization. By participating in the ERC, nonprofits will be able to improve their outcomes by learning how to measure the right things, leveraging informed strategic planning, becoming more relevant, and making the adjustments necessary to achieve their goals.

Nonprofit Board Members
Nonprofit boards are ultimately responsible for supporting and evaluating their organization’s leadership, planning, effectiveness, and resources. In these difficult economic times, it is more important than ever for nonprofit organizations to be diligent in their financial management of charitable resources. By establishing evaluation as a core function of your nonprofit health organization, your board can help ensure that funds are being invested in a fiscally sound way, and that they ultimately generate the best, most efficient outcomes.

Nonprofit Leadership
As the leader of a nonprofit health organization, knowing how to prioritize your work can be challenging. What’s more, these economic times have heightened the interest in more transparent leadership while organizations are being forced to do more with less. By challenging yourself and your staff to evaluate what you do, your organization can become more flexible, effective, transparent and sustainable.

Nonprofit Staff
Evaluation helps staff members understand the impact of their efforts within the context of the big picture. Determining intermediate outcomes toward a long-term goal and then seeing progress made and eventually achieving those outcomes, creates a level of understanding ad buy-in to one’s work made possible through the use of evaluation tools. An engaged staff is critical to the success of your organization. While daunting at first, evaluation enables you to have a role within your organization that will help it increase the impact it has on your community, while at the same time, learning from successes and challenges. It can also help you find better, more effective ways to do your work, and advance your professional opportunities.

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