Direct Evaluation Support – For Evaluators

Healthcare Georgia Foundation and our stakeholders, philanthropic partners, and constituents have a stake in the outcomes of our investments. The Foundation may commission directly, or request proposals from outside evaluators to evaluate programs, organizations, or initiatives funded by the Foundation or others.

The Foundation is recruiting evaluation consultants and groups, known as ERC Partners, throughout the state of Georgia to work with grantees and other health nonprofit organizations. Eligible evaluators and evaluation groups will have extensive evaluation experience working with small to medium-sized nonprofits. If you are an evaluator and would like to work with the Foundation at any of the following levels, please contact Samantha Bourque Tucker, Evaluation Manager, at 404.653.0990 or email

Initiatives: Cross-Site Evaluation

The Foundation is increasingly moving toward grantmaking focused on a particular health issue or outcome. When a grantmaking focus is determined, the Foundation may solicit proposals from qualified/eligible evaluators or evaluation groups to provide direct evaluation support for the initiative itself. This might include provision of training and technical assistance to selected grantees, facilitating efforts to standardize data collection efforts across sites, collaboration with Foundation program officers, assistance with direct data collection, aggregation of data across sites, roll-up and reporting of data to the Foundation, interpretation of findings, and dissemination of findings to various audiences.

Program Evaluation

Foundation-funded programs – Depending on the grantmaking initiative, the Foundation may wish to offer evaluation capacity-building assistance to a group of grantees. An evaluator may be contracted to support grantees through the evaluation process, including an evaluation capacity assessment, customized evaluation coaching, participation in a learning community of grantees, and ensuring overall alignment between the grantee's evaluation approach and the Foundation's initiative-level outcomes. Learning communities will have regular trainings, webinars or in-person convenings, and each grantee will receive customized coaching to develop and implement an evaluation plan for their Foundation-funded program.

Non Foundation-funded programs – The ERC can assist organizations not currently receiving funding from the Foundation to procure evaluation services. These organizations can submit a request to the ERC for evaluation support from an ERC Partner.