EmpowerHealth Capacity Building Program

EmpowerHealth is Healthcare Georgia Foundation's Capacity Building Grant Program. It is a two-year pilot program which builds on the Foundation's General Operating Grant Program. Supporting capacity building allows the Foundation to support health nonprofit organizations and strengthen the way they provide services and collaborate so they are better able to sustain high-quality programs, achieve long-term performance, and obtain better results.

Through a partnership with the nationally recognized TCC Group, the Foundation is supporting grantees with 18-month customized technical assistance plans designed to improve the ability of staff and board members to operate at optimal levels.

TCC Group's evidence-based organizational assessment instrument, the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) is used throughout the application process by nonprofits that desire to enhance their ability to accurately identify organizational areas that most need strengthening. Completing the CCAT and participating in subsequent capacity building activities involves a full commitment and engagement from the organization's Board and staff.

If you have any questions about the EmpowerHealth program, please visit the Foundation's website or contact Andrea Kellum, Senior Program Officer, at 404.653.0990 or email akellum@healthcaregeorgia.org.

EmpowerHealth Grantees

The ERC provides post-award evaluation technical assistance to health nonprofit organizations who have been awarded an EmpowerHealth grant. The one-hour coaching call assists grantees in developing a logic model and evaluation plan as part of their grant requirements.

To download an EmpowerHealth logic model template, click here; for the EmpowerHealth evaluation plan template, click here.

For more information on the technical assistance provided to EmpowerHealth grantees, please contact Samantha Bourque Tucker, Evaluation Manager, at 404.653.0990 or email stucker@healthcaregeorgia.org.